Recovery Why Are Sugar Cravings Common in Addiction Recovery?

Smoothies are also a healthy and delicious between-meal filler. Several published studies claim that sugar is just as addictive as drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Blatner and Dulan have plenty of food options they recommend to help fight sugar cravings. Mitzi Dulan, the owner of SimplyFUEL, echoed Moskovitz and says that it is “very common” for a sugar craving to emerge when you’re not drinking any alcohol. At 1st Step Behavioral Health, we strive to make your addiction treatment experience as comfortable as possible.

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Alcoholics often experience intense sugar cravings after overcoming addiction. Like sex and dopamine, sugar and dopamine are also heavily linked. When an individual eats sugar, the brain produces huge surges of dopamine.

Is the a sugar withdrawal symptoms?

When people drastically reduce their sugar intake, they may experience withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, cravings, and mood changes. These should go away within a few days or weeks.

Now that you’ve made the courageous decision to quit drinking, the future looks brighter. The truth is, it’s common for women who quit drinking to, out of nowhere, start craving sugar or sweets. Take it from a sugar loving Christmas Elf herself, my sugar cravings were out of control. I am talking ice cream, baked goods and the chocolate oh the chocolate, every hour on the hour. Long-term alcohol abuse inhibits the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels. This is partially a result of alcohol’s effects on the pancreas, which is primarily responsible for blood sugar levels.

Why Do People Get Sugar Cravings After Quitting Drinking?

As an essential healthcare provider, We are open and supporting those in need of addiction treatment at all locations. Physiologically speaking, when we consume alcohol, the body converts it to sugar. This leads to a subsequent spike in blood sugar levels, so when we engage in Dry January our blood sugar levels will drop. And while the impact on the brain and even withdrawal effects can mimic those of drugs and alcohol, they are not the same. Alcohol addiction ruins lives, brains, and bodies in profound ways. When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol—a hormone known to intensify sugar cravings.

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Chrissy Teigen said she’s “very into sweets” since going sober. If you want some support to help you live life happily sober, join our amazing Facebook Group for the kind of motivation and inspiration that will keep you strong. The important thing is that when you first stop drinking, you go easy on yourself. Gradually desensitizes you to the substance’s effects, requiring you consume more to get the same “feel-good” response.

How Soon Can I Get Care?

Your why do alcoholics crave sugar needs to right itself as quickly as possible, leading to sugar cravings. These days, there are plenty of mocktail recipes and nonalcoholic drinks meant to replicate your favorite boozy beverages. Drinking sparkling water with citrus or berries might also hit the spot. Try drinking them out of your favorite cocktail glass for a more similar experience. I’ve spent the last six years researching and understanding alcoholism, addiction, and how people get sober. Sugar impacts the same area of the brain as alcohol and other drugs and, in high quantities, can release the same euphoric endorphins in dopamine.

However, all alcoholic beverages contain a significant number of calories and have little to no nutritional value. We have a really hard time with saying no to the sugar cravings.

Can I Get Addicted to Sugar?

And to encourage the individual to engage in that same behavior again. In comparison, cause the brain to flood with dopamine and trick it into believing that drugs are necessary and important for human survival. Over time, the brain loses its ability to produce its own dopamine and depends on substances to create it.

  • Poor diet and malnutrition, two common traits among long-term addicts, can also affect blood sugar.
  • Staying busy – staying active and finding healthy distractions also helps.
  • Scientists have discovered that children of alcoholic parentsmay be more likely to have a sweet tooth.
  • The sugar high from eating sweets can be similar to the feeling that alcohol gives, and this can be dangerous for someone in recovery.
  • Your body needs to right itself as quickly as possible, leading to sugar cravings.

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